3D Printing a Motor Mount

In the robotics society, I’m in, we have a unique design going for a robot. It’s dubbed the “Bouncer Bot”. Intended to hop around the ground instead of using wheels or tracks like other robots.bouncer bot

The design is crude, 3 metal rulers and a set of rubber balls from the dollar store. We attached a few motors at the ends of each ruler. Hooked it up to the power supply and to our surprise we were able to get it moving in a specific direction using two motors working in alternate directions.

The club recently purchased a Solidoodle 3D Printer. What a great first project to start, a motor mount for our bouncer bot.solidoodle 3D printer

I’ve used SketchUp in the past to design my kitchen and backyard, so I am familiar with some 3D modeling. The lab computers are running Ubuntu so I decided to look into FreeCAD to do this design, FreeCAD is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

After a few hours and a tutorial here is the basic design I came up with:bouncer bot motor mount

The ruler slips into the slot at the bottom with the motor pointing out at the top. Not a complicated design but a nice first step.

Some refinements are in order. I made each measurement in inches. It wasn’t until I started designing in FreeCAD that I realized millimeters would have been a better choice. I had a worksheet full of conversions and the part still didn’t turn out quite right. I also purchased a cheap pair of calipers from the local Ace to get a precise measurement. Digital calipers are in the mail.

Some pictures of the printed part.

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